Saturday, August 16, 2008

Recipe Exchange - slight delay

Hi everyone!

I am psyched to host the Aug/Sept exchange!!

I had a cute little poll ready to post to get "votes" for themes (love the new poll feature!) but I cannot get on the Nest. Grr! It shows me the board for about 3 seconds, and then directs me right to the main page. Frustrating!!

In addition, I am having some computer issues and may not be bringing my laptop on vacation like I intended. So if you don't hear from me until next weekend, don't think I have forgotten my hosting duties!

Hopefully this exchange will be up and running sooner rather than later. In the meantime... happy cooking!

~Lauren (laki)


Wendy said...

I am excited, and have been checking the board daily. Thanks for the heads up. Last month was the first month I joined and it was great fun!

Carol VR said...

I'm with Wendy. It was my first time last month as well.

I can't wait to participate again. Do contact me when your up anf running again for this next round.

Can't wait.

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