Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June/July Recipe Exchange!!

It's time for the June/July Recipe Exchange! This round's theme is Summer Favorites. Do you have something in your recipe box (or blog) that just screams summer? How great would it be to compile some great, light recipe ideas for this (already hot) summer!! If you have a great recipe to share, please please don't hesitate to participate! This is gonna be so much FUN! For this round you can choose any category - main dishes, appetizers, desserts, etc.

What to do:
1) Pick a summer favorite recipe that you enjoy.
2) Submit the recipe to Amy: amabbate at gmail dot com. Submission deadline is Friday, June 20th. Your super fun exchange recipe will be emailed to you the following Monday.
3) Make the recipe.
4) Post the recipe, review, and pictures (if you can) to your blog or in a post on the What's Cooking board. The deadline to make your recipe is Monday, July 7th. (right after those July 4th parties!!)
5) E-mail Amy with a link to the blog entry or post so we can keep track of the entries.

1) Include your nestie name, any food allergies, any dietary restrictions, and dislikes.
2) Please make the title/subject of the e-mail the name of the recipe. For example, Subject: Watermelon Sorbet.
3) If you use a recipe from someone else, be sure to cite your source.
4) If a previously submitted recipe was not made, you can re-submit the same recipe.
5) A list will be kept of who has and has not made their recipe.

This rounds coordinator is joeysgirl2008 (Amy). Please e-mail her account or page her on WC if you have questions.

Hope everyone enjoys this exchange! :)